Tennis season starting-game on!

Today Chris (my 14 year old son) and I have tennis matches. Chris is playing away at Framlingham and I am playing at our tennis club Culford Tennis Centre.

Chris has been having coaching and playing regularly but I have just had 2 or 3 practice games with Chris so far this season. Here is Chris at Culford on the indoor court;

Chris on Culford indoor court

Chris tennis indoors at Culford

So watch out Roger, Rafa and Andy as Chris & Richard are back playing!

I had a strange match today! To start with it was raining and one lady on the opposition team did not want to play in the rain-fair enough I suppose! I stayed on court in the rain and played one set of a mens singles with my team mate and when we finished an hour and 15 mins later the sun came out!

Then I found to my amazement our opposition team were still here and now they wanted to play! I was quite tired & soaked through but went on to play the match.
My partner and I lost the first match 3-6 4-6 and drew the other match 6-2 6-7 (lost on tiebreak).
I was shattered and am just recovering now! I need to get fitter…..

Chris lost his match. He played on astro turf and is not used to that surface and the low bouncing ball so the home team had an edge as they were used to the astro surface.

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