This new WPMU theme is still under construction!

I am still editing this new WordPress theme of mine (it is still under construction!). I have now managed to get the sidebar at the side! Oh the joys of WordPress theme tags and general html/css coding!

I hope to develop this theme into a more polished one but I am quite pleased to be blogging in WordPressMU in my own theme! This all adds to my WordPress blogging experience which as a newbie to WordPress has a lot of room for expansion!

I have used several tutorials on how to create a WordPress theme and I aim to do my own tutorial on this soon and have it on ‘My Tech Tips’ page. Now I need to get the links working to my navigation bar first!  Also I need the footer to span across the sidebar and go the whole page width and I need to change the colour of the hyperlinks in my stylesheet.  I am also meant to be developing some affiliate web sites and my internet marketing mentor has told me not to get distracted by WordPress theme creating but to concentrate on internet marketing! I must do as I am told! 🙂

Anyway on ‘My Tech Tips’ page I will post the links to the other WordPress tutorials I have found useful.

My next venture could be to make my own WP plugins…..

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